Letters for the Culture

Hey Justin & Adrian! I’m a college listener, and I had a question for Adrian. I just finished taking some summer classes,  and my financial aid didn’t cover all of the expenses. I can’t get a private loan because I don’t have any credit and I don’t have anyone to co-sign. Any suggestions? thanks!:) FTC […]

We would like to commend this listener’s bravery and introspection in regards to writing and sending this letter in! Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how he can handle this dilemma? Comment below!” “I’m black and gay and grew up in an environment of very homophobic black men. From my father and my […]

Do you feel responsible for representing your culture, race, sex? Check out this Letter for the Culture and share your thoughts & advice in the comments below. My question to the both of you is that what would you suggest that we as a culture can do at an elementary level to improve those issues […]

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