Dear Wyt People

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Dear Wyte People, please to Black people.


American Horror Story served us Jessica Lange as we head back to the murder house. Titans on D.C. Universe is better than anticipated.

Society & Culture

Megan Kelly wants Black people to understand that Black-face isn’t a bad thing. Brother Nature was almost cancelled until beauty politics saved him. Caitlyn Jenner wants us to know that she cares about the LGBTQ community. Cardi B releases new single ‘Money’. Is it a bop though?


Is it ok to run through friends? Is it ok to have sex with your friend’s friends and run through the whole group? We discuss.

Letters For The Culture

How would the house of your dreams look if you had the coin?

Message For The Culture

Be spontaneous and have some fun!!! Put that freakum dress on!

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