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The Weekend

The King of Reads celebrated his birthday on a budget! Justin & Adrian head to the ghetto to bring in his 31st Birthday at the Marquette in Bankhead! Justin describes how is birthday weekend started off rocky with a car that wouldn’t start. Thankful for Tequila and cake 🙂

TV Shows

INSECURE IS BACK!! Molly & Issa don’t know what the hell they want! Dro is still out here serving us Men in Black meets Space Jam with this whack ass s-curl kit. It’s a Fruit Frenzy!!!

What did we think of the first episode of season 3?

Society & Culture

Nicki’s Album’s dropped Friday and by Monday morning it hit the floor. Her & ex Safaree went toe for toe on Twitter and Safaree accused Nicki of being abusive. Which isn’t the first time considering Meek did as well. Omarosa is serving us Hannah Baker teas with these tapes and the White House and Trump are in shambles.

Lauryn Hill gets called out by Jazz musician Robert Glasper for being an ass to other artists. YG is getting his drunk ass kicked off of flights and Amara La Negra wants women to keep the house clean for their man.

KiKi For The Culture

Adrian wants to know what does a world where kids don’t come out they just tell their parents who they are talking to.

Justin asks “What are 2 things you are not willing to compromise on in a relationship?” Eartha Kitt doesn’t approve of course.

Letters For The Culture

How do you get over an ex of 7 years? BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK! What would you do?

Message For The Culture

Listen to black women and Omarosa? Do we need to?

Adrian wants you to trust the process!

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