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The Weekend

Adrian takes the weekend to recoup his energy and align his toes in trade’s mouth. Justin goes out and tries to be ghetto.

TV Shows


Episode 3 of Insecure! Is Daniel even good at eating the coochie because Issa’s legs aren’t even in the air. Daniel and Issa try to find common ground until Daniel hits Issa with a low jab. Molly isn’t feeling her new job and thinks that they’re unprofessional. Molly you dealt with racism at your old job for a minute and still stayed. What’s tea sis?

Society & Culture

French Tennis Federation wants to police black women’s bodies. They decide to change the rules and ban Serena’s catsuit from the 2019 French Open.

In our Political Corner John McCain heads to pasture and everyone seems to forget about some of his troubled past. Can we not stay facts on individuals after they pass?

9 Year Old Jamel Myles dies by suicide after dealing with bullying at his school. So many questions and not enough answers. #Enough

KiKi For The Culture

Why is quitting a job considered bad but a company is allowed to fire someone without notice in most states? Are we conditioned that the employee quitting without notice is bad form while an employer firing an employee without notice is fine? A question asked by @danblackroyd on twitter.

Letters For The Culture

A black woman wants to know how does she handle a situation where her boyfriend (who is white) allowed his friend to get away with calling another black man the n word.

How does depression affect your creativity and how do you deal with it?

Message For The Culture


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