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The Weekend

The Queen of Crop tops wanted to enjoy himself with on a night on the town with Ms. Nicki and her trade boyfriend only to be turned around at a “straight” club for his outfit. Nonetheless, Adrian they found their way into a gay bar minus trade bae. Justin shares what he was up to this weekend which was nothing lol

TV Shows

Season 3 of Insecure is almost here!!! This Sunday!

Society & Culture

Slim Thug is worried about Ciara’s marriage instead of being worried about the cousin he allegedly got pregnant. Future is trash. Come to find out Big Freedia had to reach to Drake’s team to be in the ‘In My Feelings’ video. They want to use our talent but don’t wanna feature us. Beyoncé covers Vogue and talks about her pregnancy and dealing with body image. We break down the entire Vogue coverage.

In our Political Corner, the Ohio Special Election as Troy Balderston has a lead so far and the election is too close to call. Dem could possibly flip the house considering Trump won big in this district.

KiKi For The Culture

If you want me then don’t talk to me. This KiKi goes from discussing how confusing men are to what is the point of religion.

Letters For The Culture

College questions! First-time college students ask rather they should get a private loan or to harass the financial aid office.

A 17-year-old bisexual teenager wants to come out before heading into his senior year in high school. Should he?

Message For The Culture

Justin wants those who attacked a black woman at the nail salon in Brooklyn what the hell is wrong with them to be fighting a woman over $5.

Adrian wants us to remember to listen to black women 365.

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