Blunts and Bottoms

For The Culture Podcast


Adrian & Justin are back! Justin talks about his experience of attending his first queer wedding ceremony. Adrian discusses the importance of being honest with friends and family.

Insecure Finale! Nathan pops up after ghosting on Issa and Molly stopped him in his tracks. Was Molly wrong?

The Braxton Family Values
Momma Evelyn finally gathers Tamar. Toni shares that she doesn’t too much care for her family.

Society & Culture

White Women are at it again. Bette Mueller thinks women are the n-words of the world. Taylor Swift jumps off her broom just in time for the midterm elections. Announces that she wants to protect women and other minorities.


Our *NSFW* KIKI talks about how big is too big. How do we measure the peen? Let’s talk.

Letters For The Culture

How do are learn how to stop anti-Black? A listener wants to know what they need to do to cancel their trash behavior.

Message For The Culture

Being a creative is hard work and don’t let anyone discourage from doing what you love.

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