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The Weekend

Adrian is back from having tea with Queen Bey in Cleveland, Ohio! Justin isn’t looking like Cyborg! It’s a new episode of For The Culture Podcast. Adrian talks about his ‘On The Run Tour 2’ courtesy of Parkwood.

TV Shows

DELIVER! DELIVER! The Season Finale of Pose aired while we were away! What did we think of the finale? Blanca is the Mother of the year but Elektra have enough character development?

Society & Culture

The white woman jumped out again! Kim Kardashian and Tyson Beckford are arguing on Instagram. Kim thought it was a good idea to joke about Tyson’s sexuality. Can Cardi B handle being a celebrity? Apparently not since she was up at 2 am posting screenshots of her bank account to prove she purchased a Lambo. Mueller is coming and Cohen is flipping pancakes before he heads to the pen. Shout out to Octavia Spencer and Lebron James! Both of them will be working on the limited Netflix series on Madam C.J. Walker.

KiKi For The Culture

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Coins are dry and so is the Summer sun! Who’s ready for Fall. Adrian wants to know are you dominant in the bedroom? Cause he likes to change it up! Is Justin married cause he ain’t trashing men anymore! What’s tea sis?

Letters For The Culture

How can you make $1000 fast without selling coochie? Let us know cause we’re trying to find out.

Message For The Culture

Adrian wants the yts to leave Starfire’s wig alone! Racist comic book fans have tried to clown Anna Doip because she is black. All of the orange aliens were booked so y’all will deal.

Justin wants publications to hire black people to tell black stories. Huffington Post: Black Voices had a vast amount of white writers and this Forbes article dragging Nicki Minaj ain’t it. The writer was a white male. No ma’am.

Let us be black!!!

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