The Black Community Often Functions Like a Hierarchy, Not a Family [VIDEO]

Written by on 20 January 2018

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You can’t always count on a rapper to be talented but at least you can depend on many of them to be consistently problematic. And it’s not just Offset; it’s the much of Black community as a whole that needs a transformation. The only ones we’re putting at a risk with all this exclusion is ourselves, because it is easier to conquer something that is split than something that is whole. Can we try to be whole?

You all are so quick to tell us how much you aren’t like your ancestors when facing racism but expect black LGBT to cower in the presence of homophobia. You all are quick to pretend to boycott some product or some company because of your keen ability to sniff out racism, but somehow deadly homophobia flies across your radar undetected.


Racists hate black people whether they are gay or not, and here you are pushing their agenda along. LGBT black youth die homeless and alone in your streets and I’m supposed to smile at the bigotry (which is supported by the Book of White Jesus–which defended slavery in Ephesians 6:5-9).

Y’all are JUST like the racists you claim to hate and they LOVE it. They want to disenfranchise, discredit, ignore, harm and even kill other blacks just like you do. You all are actually one in the same.

Some Black trans women are scared to enter white spaces because of the risks that come with being black and trans. At the same time they can’t even rely on much of their own black community because of how ya’ll love to abuse and kill LGBT just like everyone else. This shit ain’t no family it’s a hierarchy. You’ve been dominated for so long that you think looking for some other group to conquer is the answer to our problems.

But it isn’t.

The longer you oppress the LGBT and act like they don’t and shouldn’t exist in your community, then the more things will be done in the dark. It will only lead to more mental illness and suicides destroying our families. It will lead to many more of your boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives hating LGBT in public but fucking us in private.

YOU decide which future you want.

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