Letters for the Culture: How to Improve Issues with Racism, Colorism, and Equality

Written by on 15 January 2018

Do you feel responsible for representing your culture, race, sex? Check out this Letter for the Culture and share your thoughts & advice in the comments below.

My question to the both of you is that what would you suggest that we as a culture can do at an elementary level to improve those issues involving racism, colorism, and overall equality in our everyday lives. I currently work in an office where I’m the only male and the only person of color in the workplace. I struggle daily with my security in my representation of being Black, gay, male. Although I am confident and proud in all of these aspects of myself, it’s a bit daunting carrying the proverbial torch. I know this may seem a bit ridiculous and perhaps a bit pompous to think that my life could carry the brevity of the representation of all these aspects of who I am but it’s something that I care about.

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