Kendall Jenner Shares A Pepsi with MLKs Stalkers on the Anniversary of His Assassination [VIDEO]

Written by on 5 April 2017

On the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s Jr’s assassination we have a white bitch trivializing protests for a check and endorsement deal. What type of blatant fucking disrespect? I could tell how white she was because of her comfort level of being so close to a police officer during any type of social outcry. My black ass knows the price that many minorities have paid by simply existing and peacefully voicing concerns in a protest.

But here comes Kendall Jenner, true to her family’s legacy: using the shit out of blackness and ignoring all of the challenges that come with it. From her sister ‘setting’ ‘new’ ‘trends’ using aesthetics that black girls were ridiculed and called ghetto for, to other family members riding black dick but remaining racially tone deaf on the issues that matter. [Read more at:]

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