Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Backlash is Karma Cashing Her Check [VIDEO]

Written by on 5 February 2018

I mean, he really got on instagram so quickly to give us more ammunition. He couldn’t wait to set himself up (as usual). Look at this foolishness here:

It’s ironic that he looks like he’s about to go hunting because this whole month, he and his career have been looking like a deer stuck in headlights. But that’s beside the point.

There was one instance in which Prince was interviewed and he dragged holograms before they were even a thing. He said “That whole virtual reality thing…it really is demonic.” If you’re claiming that you want to honor an artist, why not also honor what they stood for. Although, I know for Justin Timberlake, standing up for something might be something foreign to him–especially with the way he DIDN’T handle the Janet backlash as well as how he talks about Woody Allen. This man has proven over and over that he has a garbage way of thinking. The only reason people are noticing so much now is because society is progressing and it seems like he really isn’t.

Justin Timberlake and the rest of your white faves don’t have to ditch the black elements of music that rocketed them to stardom once they start being held accountable for things they did/said. You can still be inspired by the art of black music. Instead of doing an expensive (and unsuccessful) rebrand, you could have literally apologized and showed us how you’re working to become better.

The problem is, most of your white faves aren’t actually inspired by black art, they utilize it like a cash cow and move on to the next thing they see as a trend. Justin and Miley thought that just because rednecks’ teeth are falling out at a bit of a slower rate, that they can throw a banjo on the track and ride another wave.

This is what happens when you are disingenuous. And honestly, Justin, this is how it feels to be dragged by the whole world like Janet was years before. When you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite.

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