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Written by on 12 August 2018

Hey Justin & Adrian! I’m a college listener, and I had a question for Adrian. I just finished taking some summer classes,  and my financial aid didn’t cover all of the expenses. I can’t get a private loan because I don’t have any credit and I don’t have anyone to co-sign. Any suggestions? thanks!:)

FTC family, share your tips on how to finance an education in the comments!

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  1. Bernard Scott   On   12 September 2018 at 4:32 pm

    I feel as if you can often get access to more federal financial aid funds for summer or any other time, by applying for a Federal PLUS loan and then having it denied. This situation happened to me when I was kind of stiffed on my summer financial aid but didn’t have any family member in a financial position to co-sign a private loan. They told me to apply for PLUS loan, see if it is denied, and then this unlocked more federal aid. Unfortunately, I forgot the exact source of federal aid, but it did increase the amount I could take out. I would talk to the financial aid office about that. Perhaps they would not advise that unprompted (I understand why. Before my summer session courses, I was slated to graduate with virtually no debt, but then that happened).

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