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Can someone get a tutor for Blac Chyna? We need to add some wetness to this head. We also need to add some talent to Fergie’s vocals. Of course, we couldn’t help but talk about one of the biggest, best, and blackest movies ever: Black Panther. Listen to us break it down right here! WARNING: Black Panther spoilers timestamps 23:11-39:49 & 1:00:00- 1:16:00.

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  1. Tafadzwa   On   23 February 2018 at 5:59 pm

    Hi Adrian and Justin. Y’all are killing it out here.

    The language they spoke in Black Panther is called Xhosa. It’s Nelson Mandela’s native tongue.

  2. Erica Morris   On   23 February 2018 at 6:12 pm

    I loved y’all review of Black Panther. It is by far one of the best black movies of all time. Killmonger represented to me so much of the black struggle in America because even though his main goal was to overthrow the world power and place Wakanda at the top, he wanted to do it with the same ideas and techniques that the colonizers had used. It just showed how much of an influence, mentally, white people had on him even though he believed he was breaking free from the system. I do agree that they should have given us more information about his mother. Side note: it’s funny that y’all mentioned about MJB being rumored that he doesn’t talk to black women because he recently did a 72 question interview type thing for Vogue magazine on youtube and he said the biggest myth that people have about him is that he doesn’t date black women lol so I just thought that was hilarious. I also loved that women were given so much power in the movie and that some of the men showed their softer sides as well. Especially when W’Kabi bent the knee to Okoye to end the fighting, that was beautiful!! And just to add my two cents about Killmonger’s ancestor comment I do think it makes sense because when the colonizers were transporting slaves they weren’t just transporting one grandma or grandpa. They had mom, dad, auntie, cousin, sisters, brothers etc. So your grandma might of jumped but it doesn’t mean that your mom did but that’s still your ancestor…..but again that’s just how I interpreted it. Great job with this episode can’t wait to hear more in the future!

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