Came Back To BITE!

Written by on 28 March 2018

WHO BIT THE QUEEN? Tiffany has spoken (probably much to the dissatisfaction of Parkwood Entertainment) and told us that someone tried to nibble on Beyonce’s face! Some reckless Howard University employees have swooped in like Swiper from Dora the Explorer to snatch financial aid away from hardworking students. Cardi B is facing some…new developments in her professional and personal life to say the least.There’s so much to talk about and we discuss it all here! Make sure to visit

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  1. Anonymous   On   29 March 2018 at 3:16 am

    Heyyyyyyyyyy yaaaaaaaallllll (I’m from Texas Btw) I remember a video Adrian did about cutting people off and i have a problem. My mom is my everything but these past few years (I just turned 18 btw) she’s been on my case. (I’m black btw) I remember I joined the wranglers (we clap, dance do a jig for the students at the football games we get the crowd hype) Now mind you they are all boys. I auditioned and got in on my first try, so I would be the first girl ever. My mom got all up in her feelings and said “Why do you wanna join a boy team do you wanna be a boy. I was like “Bitch wtf” (I said this in my head cause remember I am a very black girl with a VERY black mom) I’m like “No, I just heard there were no girls o the squad so I thought I’d be the first. So I put on facebook I made the team and everybody was like “Congrats” and “OMG I’m so proud of you” SO my mom reposts it and says “That’s my baby I’m so proud” I was like damn yesterday you accused me of being trans now you’re proud. smh.I am a freethinker, and I like to challenge social norms and I like to be different so I speak about BLM, DACA, Immigration, Trans men and women, I believe gender is a social construct, and sexuaity is fluid, toxic masculinity, owning a tiny home and how composting, buying in bulk, and going thrifting will help reduce our CO2 emissions #zerowastelifestyle. I digress, anyways She’ll say anything to contradict me I don’t wear bras like 90% of the time and she’ll say “I dunno what’s worse not wearing a bra or underwear” I dye my hair and she asks me when am I going to change it. She thinks I don’t love her because I never gon on FB and like her pictures or that I never post anything about her. Call me an old soul but if I fucks with you on the real my admiration a love for you will not be on instagram or Facebook, i’ll either text you or tell you face to face. She stay thinking she right and gets mad at me if I google something on my own. she’ll be like “we’ll I’m your mom you should listen to me but if you wanna go on the internet because you think it’s better be my guest” She didn’t tell me about the birds and the bees and the “freaks in the trees” (Electric lady reference:)) I learned on my own. She gets an attitude whenever we need a ride somewhere. So oneday I put on FB ‘I need a ride to…” and she called me telling me how embarrassing that was and how I should never put “Our” business out there like that. I was like we’ll dang you told me to ask someone else for a ride Not gon lie I was being petty when I went on FB but she felt so disrespected. I also remember tying my shirt into a knot and she asked me if i’m wearing my shirt like that for a boy or am I trying to get attention. I was like “Bitch wtf” she just says little condescending things that make me not want to tell her stuff. Legit I do not like talking to her about me. We can have a 3 hr convo on the latest celeb, or family tea, even life lessons, but when it comes to me or my interests I keep it at 3 word responses or less. I dread when she asks me what am I going to wear because my style is eccentric (My fans love it. I call it tumblr chic it’s on pinterest just so you have an idea a lot of thrifted pieces) if i tell her she’ll tell me to find something else. So whenever she asks I just say “I dunno, I’ll see how I feel”. She always thinks she’s right too. EVerytime I have an idea she says “NO” and me being e I’ll end up doing it and it turns out alright or even better then she’ll be looking crazy. She acknowledges me and tells me she loves me everyday and I really think she’s sad that I’m leaving for college soon so thats prolly why she be trippin now that I think about it. I’m not tryna cut her off cause she my mama (Cause Imma need some tuition money Nursing and Law school aint cheap ya know) I just need to know how to deal with her. Legit thats it “How can I deal with my mother for my mental stability because…DAMN.

  2. Jasmine J   On   31 March 2018 at 7:54 pm

    Thank you both for presenting and tackling issues our world is hesitant to face. I love love love the fact you’re showing some of us are taking action in our communities instead of just talking about it. Thanks for using the platforms you have to make a difference rather than set our culture back a few years with coonery💜 Love y’all from STL

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