Doing It For The Culture

Do you know someone who has dedicated countless hours to serving their community? Do you know someone whose work makes life a little easier for marginalized people? Do you know someone who is doing it for the culture? As part of their larger efforts to entertain and inform, For the Culture Podcast is looking to amplify the voices of people working in communities to make a difference. They want to celebrate people who are working on the ground to provide access and resources to those who most need them.

The For the Culture podcast is proud to acknowledge grassroots’ organizers, activists, teachers, mentors, parents, bloggers, content creators, etc. who have demonstrated significant efforts to improve the lives of the most vulnerable. Use the form below to nominate your local culture leader. Tell us why this person is doing it for the culture! Decisions are based on the information you provide, so be detailed and include as much supporting material as possible. We want to hear from you! Complete the form below to submit your nomination.

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