Cardi B Warns Offset To Be Careful With Her New Single

Written by on 9 April 2018

Cardi has been on the rise in the hip-hop world for the last two years. After her astronomical success with the breakout hit Bodak Yellow everyone paraded for Cardi and mutually agreed that we wanted The Bronx native to win.

Her highly anticipated debut is set to drop in the beginning of April, and in the wee hours of March 29th, she released a new single.

Be Careful astonished many for several reasons. For one the lyrical content and production of the record is a different route for Cardi not to mention the always calculated bad chick persona is out the window in the duration of the track.
Cardi is emotional and sounds extremely distressed about the status of her relationship with fiance Offset.

Infidelity rumors have been on the surface since the beginning of the rap duo’s relationship. Cardi is always dismissive towards the situation. The artist has never gone into depth about the allegations of foul play until now.

She opens the track  saying “I wanna get married like the Currys, Steph and Ayesha sh** But we more like Tommy and Keisha sh** gave you TLC you wanna creep and sh**t”

Is this the same Cardi who schooled us about cutting a negro off if he got too comfortable? Apparently, Offset has grown comfortable and Cardi may be tired of his behavior. She expressed how she feels foolish for going through milestones in a relationship where she feels taken for granted.

Social media ripped her to shreds indicating that this isn’t the self-assured, confidant Cardi we all grew to love. This track displays to me that no matter who you are you are never exempt from experiencing heartbreak from the one you love.

No amount of status or money can stop the pain, though no one deserves to get played it happens. I’m wishing the best for Cardi and alarming Offset that maybe he should sleep with one eye open, because as the old saying goes “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.”

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