Hello FTC Family! We wanted to share with you a fundraiser for one of our own. Read below to learn more and support! My name is Victoria and I'm currently a Howard University student that has run in to the unexpected, an unforeseen financial aid balance. This has been extremely hard for me due to [...]

A word from Tyree – Somebody had to do it.   Disclaimer: A lot of Wigs & Beliefs WILL be Dismantled. Okay so Aretha’s Funeral, Lived for every moment! I saw a grown black woman get up there and tear down the house effortlessly. Y’all know I was ready for Fantasia to FLIP THEM HEELS OFF! […]

Hey Justin & Adrian! I’m a college listener, and I had a question for Adrian. I just finished taking some summer classes,  and my financial aid didn’t cover all of the expenses. I can’t get a private loan because I don’t have any credit and I don’t have anyone to co-sign. Any suggestions? thanks!:) FTC […]

1ST ANNUAL SLAYFEST ANNOUNCES OFFICIAL 2018 PROGRAM LINEUP FESTIVAL CELEBRATING BLACK QUEER AND TRANS, ARTS AND CULTURE   SLAYFEST 2018, presented by SLAY TV., announced its official program lineup for their 1st Annual SLAYFEST. SLAYFEST is a celebration of Black queer and trans artistic excellence and aims to bring together cinema enthusiasts, filmmakers, artists, and the overall […]

Most of us have been introduced to Watts, a city in Southern California, through our favorite gangsta’ rappers. Or perhaps, you’re familiar with the city of Watts from reports about the 1965 riots; For a week, black residents took to the streets to express their rage about the unchecked police brutality and the overall lack […]

Mahogany’s Chokers gives a new meaning to “neck pieces” by introducing handmade chokers that represent the elements that make girls of any age feel POWERFUL! #jointheREBELLION Today marks the release of a brand that makes it a goal to provide quality handmade chokers and jewelry for the everyday girl. Each choker is handmade in order […]

Cardi has been on the rise in the hip-hop world for the last two years. After her astronomical success with the breakout hit Bodak Yellow everyone paraded for Cardi and mutually agreed that we wanted The Bronx native to win. Her highly anticipated debut is set to drop in the beginning of April, and in […]

Say it ain’t so. Listen to women! TMZ has obtained a video of Fabolous threatening Emily B and her father. Earlier in the week rumors hit the net that Fabolous had allegedly knocked her teeth out which was reported by TMZ as well. Now the video has surfaced some are believing the incident may have happened. […]

  Showing Business in the Black documentary is touring the country, April 19th Toledo, OH, April 26th, New Orleans, May 1 Cincinnati, OH, May 3 Louisville, May 17th Kalamazoo, MI, May 18th Chicago, IL. Business in the Black-The rise of black business in America, 1800’s-1960’s is a documentary. So finally that there’s a film that […]

A GrapevineTV clip of Seren (Sensei Aishitemasu on YouTube) speaking about cultural appropriation and pop music went viral because she said most things people were uncomfortable with acknowledging. People were too afraid to tackle the true implications of what a Bruno Mars means. I think it’s personally reasonable to enjoy someone’s music yet hold them accountable. […]

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