Author: Justin

Cardi has been on the rise in the hip-hop world for the last two years. After her astronomical success with the breakout hit Bodak Yellow everyone paraded for Cardi and mutually agreed that we wanted The Bronx native to win. Her highly anticipated debut is set to drop in the beginning of April, and in […]

Say it ain’t so. Listen to women! TMZ has obtained a video of Fabolous threatening Emily B and her father. Earlier in the week rumors hit the net that Fabolous had allegedly knocked her teeth out which was reported by TMZ as well. Now the video has surfaced some are believing the incident may have happened. […]

Written by Chelsea D  Last week, journalist Jawn Murray dragged Monique for filth about her comments on the inequality of black women in Hollywood. Murray stated during previous interviews, that Monique blackballed herself by being unprofessional and difficult to work with. He recently posted an email on his Instagram between Hick’s and Packer that seemed more […]

Written by Jessica Rae Somebody needs to come and look at this because 2018 is not supposed to go this way! We struggled through one year of Trump only to start with “shithole countries” and now Newsweek is tugging what’s left of 45’s wig. They’re reporting that Trump doesn’t know who reaps the benefits of […]

Another Grammy Awards and another year Beyoncé doesn’t take home Album of the Year. Instead, it goes to Adele who also commented on the queen not receiving her award. “What the f*ck does Beyoncé have to do to get an award.” We already know the answered to that question, Adele. Be white.

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