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A GrapevineTV clip of Seren (Sensei Aishitemasu on YouTube) speaking about cultural appropriation and pop music went viral because she said most things people were uncomfortable with acknowledging. People were too afraid to tackle the true implications of what a Bruno Mars means. I think it’s personally reasonable to enjoy someone’s music yet hold them accountable. […]

I mean, he really got on instagram so quickly to give us more ammunition. He couldn’t wait to set himself up (as usual). Look at this foolishness here: It’s ironic that he looks like he’s about to go hunting because this whole month, he and his career have been looking like a deer stuck in […]

[Click here for my video on this subject] You can’t always count on a rapper to be talented but at least you can depend on many of them to be consistently problematic. And it’s not just Offset; it’s the much of Black community as a whole that needs a transformation. The only ones we’re putting […]

Nevermind the fact that Migos allowed themselves to be used as the paint in Katy Perry’s blackface…it’s been reported that they were so uncomfortable with the drag queens in one of Katy Perry’s performances that some had to leave. Also, ALL the drag queens were not allowed to come to the afterparty. I already gave […]

On the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s Jr’s assassination we have a white bitch trivializing protests for a check and endorsement deal. What type of blatant fucking disrespect? I could tell how white she was because of her comfort level of being so close to a police officer during any type of social outcry. My black ass […]

SOMEONE PLEASE GET BEN CARSON’S PENGUINS-FROM-MADAGASCAR-SHAPE-HEAD-ASS ON SOMEWHERE!!!! He’s talking about the SLAVES came over in boats as IMMIGRANTS that worked “for less.” Implying that they were chasing some kind of American Dream out of their own free will. NO Ben and Jerry’s, they were DRAGGED out of their countries of origins as SLAVES who […]

Moonlight was an amazing film that almost felt like a documentary. It highlighted the toxicity and cyclical nature of masculinity within black communities (specifically those communities of lower socio-economic status). And knowing this before-hand made me want to check out this piece of work. But when you add on the fact that the main character […]

Struggling to stay on pitch during a performance (like often times before) but still snatched up the AOTY award like Lemonade wasn’t industry-changing. They tried it last year with Beyonce’s Self-Titled, too. Harvard did a study on it’s innovative marketing. The album was released on a Friday instead of the industry standard Tuesday. This made […]

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