A Few Thoughts on Aretha’s Funeral

Written by on 3 September 2018

A word from Tyree – Somebody had to do it. 
? Disclaimer: A lot of Wigs & Beliefs WILL be Dismantled.
Okay so Aretha’s Funeral, Lived for every moment! I saw a grown black woman get up there and tear down the house effortlessly. Y’all know I was ready for Fantasia to FLIP THEM HEELS OFF!

Fantasia Barrino-Taylor performs at Aretha Franklin’s funeral at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit on Friday. (Angela Weiss / AFP)

Now what I didn’t live for was that shit that bishop pulled on Ariana, he can walk his ass to the underworld with that corny as Grande Burrito joke, he sure was BOLD ASF with that hand but what he wasn’t bold enough for was that everlasting dragging through the pits of hell (Drogon tease).

Bishop Charles H. Ellis III with Ariana Grande after she performed during the funeral service for Aretha Franklin at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit. (Scott Olson / Getty Images)

And a BIG FUCK YOU to the people in the comment sections who said Ariana “should of stayed out of grown folks business” & “she shouldn’t have worn that short of a dress anyway ”  You know who you are, cause I reported y’all silly bitches.
NOW, people really claimed they would have got that bishop together if they were in that position, REALLY ?! A fight at the Queen of Souls funeral? In front of thousands of black folks in one building, not to mention past ex’s, and being broadcasted and watched on television & online all over the world ?!  MASSAGE MY FEET HOE!

Bill Clinton watches Ariana Grande during her performance at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. Getty Images

Bill Clinton: ????? Why TF was he there? I’ll just step aside and let somebody else ROAST HIS BABY POWDERED FACE ASS later today. Send his ass to the DARK DIMENSION. P.S. Bill you will NEVER get a taste of Ariana’s sweetener.

Overall, Ariana’s day was focused on giving Aretha Justice with her performance, that shit that happened with that bishop, her mind wasn’t prepared for, you could tell in the video her whole mindset for the day changed. I really hope she ignores the news and can say FUCK HIM and continue to live her best life by next week.

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