Even Adele Knew She Didn’t Deserve That Album of The Year Award

Written by on 7 March 2017

Struggling to stay on pitch during a performance (like often times before) but still snatched up the AOTY award like Lemonade wasn’t industry-changing. They tried it last year with Beyonce’s Self-Titled, too. Harvard did a study on it’s innovative marketing. The album was released on a Friday instead of the industry standard Tuesday. This made labels and execs completely rethink the concept of the album. They even forced some of your faves to release flop ‘surprise’ albums that shocked no one but investors because of the lack of return.

Aside from business, Beyoncé’s art has been life-changing and life-saving for minorities (particularly Black women) and it gave a voice to the often voiceless. So after all this, even Adele has spoken out and said “what the fuck does she have to do” to win AOTY? You have to be twice as good to get half of what they have.

But black people know that this is an age-old story. (Read more at http://adrianxpression.com/2017/02/13/aoty/)

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